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Welcome to SMRA
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As a resident of Stanwell Moor, SMRA welcomes you to its web-site. We hope that you will find the information here both of use and interest.We have Residents meetings every other month at 8:00pm on first Wednesday of the month and we encourage you to attend if possible. Here you will be able to meet the Committee and put your views and concerns about the village.

If you would like to support our ongoing work you are most welcome to come and join our committee, as a resident, if you have any matters you wish to raise, please use the contact form which goes to the SMRA admin also if you have any relevant photo's or articles you think might be suitable for this site please let us know.






Historical information about the Village.

We have come across some additional information about the Village which may be of interest to you. Please find on the History of Stanwell Moor page 2 of the articles.



PA System for Residents Association.

The Residents Association is most grateful to Councillor Kevin Flurry who made a grant of £200 from his ward budget to cover the cost of a PA system. Residents have mentioned, in the pas,t that they were at times, unable to hear what was being discussed. The new system now means that this should not be a problem. We are very thankful to Councillor Flurry and Spelthorne Council for their generosity in this matter. 




Tuesday May 3rd Meeting. In or Out of the European Union.


The meeting on May 3rd was attended by 34 residents and those presenting the cases for both sides answered many varied questions from the floor. Following the presentation and Q&A there was an opportunity to speak to the representatives during the refreshment time.



TFL Consultation re Private Hire regulations.

In September 2015 and January 2016, we invited comments on our proposals for changes to private hire regulations and on our consultants’ assessment of the impacts of these proposals. Thank you for responding to this consultation. We have now published the findings and these are available at tfl.gov.uk/tph/private-hire-proposals and tfl.gov.uk/tph/private-hire-proposals-iia.


We made recommendations to the TfL Board for changes to the regulations, informed by the results of these consultation. The Board considered the recommendations on 17 March and approved changes to the regulations. Details are available at press release.


The full list of proposals approved by the Board is as follows. :

Operators must have the facility to provide a booking confirmation to passengers containing the photo ID and details of the vehicle being used to discharge the booking where passengers are able to receive that information

Operators will be required to provide specified information to TfL at specified intervals including details of all drivers and vehicles registered with them

Operators must record the main destination for each booking before the journey commences

Operators to retain all records for a period of 12 months

TfL to control the names under which operators offer private hire services to the public

Private hire drivers to be required to demonstrate a certain standard of English

Individual licence applicants to provide National Insurance numbers to TfL

A driver's private hire vehicle licence to be considered for revocation if their private hire driver's licence is revoked

TfL will liaise with the Home Office on introducing DBS checks on private hire operator staff that have face to face contact with the public

TfL to stop accepting payment for licence fees by postal order and cheque

Drivers to carry or display a copy of insurance details at all times

Introduce new operator licence fee structure to better reflect operator licensing costs based on operator size. The specific revisions to the licence fee structure will be consulted on separately

Amendment of regulations to give TfL the power to control advertising displayed inside, from, or on the outside of a private hire vehicle

Operators will be required to notify TfL before changing their operating model

Operators must ensure that customers can speak to a real person in the event of a problem with their journey

Private hire operators must provide an estimated fare prior to the commencement of the journey

Hire and reward insurance will be required at the point of vehicle licensing, and for it to remain in place for the duration of the licence

Working with the Department for Transport to develop guidance on ridesharing

A decision has been deferred on proposal six, which stated that TfL will no longer issue licence variations to private hire operator licenses to add a late-night or temporary event operating centres. More work will be undertaken on this point.


We will now work closely with the private hire industry to ensure that revised regulations are implemented in a timely and appropriate manner.


Yours faithfully,


Luke Howard

Consultation Specialist

Transport for London






New Village Sign installed.

As you may have seen we now have a new sign for the Village, arranged by Robert Evans our local County Councillor. We are now looking into the possibility of getting it illuminated.



Library Direct :- For people who have difficulty getting to the library.

If you have difficulty getting to the library owing to ill-health, disability, mobility problems or caring responsibilities but still want to enjoy books and audio books you may be eligible to register for the Library Direct service.

If you don't have a friend or relative who is able to visit the library for you then they can arrange for library books and audio books to be delivered to your home on a regular basis by one of the friendly volunteers.

Contact 01483-543599

e mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Pest Control


There is an arrangement with a private contractor to carry out necessary treatments in domestic properties for rats and a variety of other pests at a discounted rate.


The company is Discreet Environmental Services Ltd. To arrange a treatment contact Customer Services.


discounted prices are as follows and are all inclusive of VAT:


rats £38 (includes up to three visits)

mice £62 (includes up three visits)

wasps £57

cockroaches and fleas £57

bed bugs £70

It is payable directly to the contractor at the time of treatment (cheques should be made out to "Discreet Environmental Services Ltd".


Pests not treated


Any animal, bird, reptile, amphibian or other creature that is protected by legislation. Our contractors will give estimates for infestations of squirrels or other non-protected pests.




Spelthorne Council makes a refund of £20 available for any resident who is in receipt of any of the following benefits:- income support (or job seekers allowance), Council tax benefit, Housing benefit or Working Families Tax Credit, BUT only for the treatment of rats, bed bugs, mice or cockroaches.


If you are over 60 or registered disabled and also in receipt of one of the above benefits, we will also give the £20 discount for the treatment of a wasp nest or fleas.


Procedure for claiming the refund


You should pay the full amount (inc VAT) at the time of treatment and then complete our refund claim form. The claim form is available from the pest control operative, from this office, or by downloading it by clicking on the PDF on the right of this page. We will then make the £20 refund after checking your eligibility.

Claim form for help towards cost of treatment of pests



Garden Ant


Urban Fox

House mice

Maggots and flies


Psocids (or Booklice)


Silver Fish





Pest control - request an appointment



Customer Services


Email: Customer services

Telephone: 01784 451499

Full details for Customer Services



Use it or lose it !

We are very fortunate to have our own Post Office in the Village, however in order to ensure that it is not one of the many Offices that have been closed it is important that we support it.

Did you know for example that you may withdraw cash as you would from other Bank machines.



Film Club at Englefield Green :-


If you wish to find out more about the above see : - https://screeninthegreen.wordpress.com/



Action Surrey :-


Action Surrey, works in partnership and is partly funded by all of Surrey’s local authorities including Spelthorne Borough Council. We are Surrey’s free, impartial energy advice service and provide support to Surrey’s residents on everything energy related from insulation, to renewable technology. Recently we are delighted to have been awarded £2.5million from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) for a new project, Streets Ahead. Please do have a look at our website www.actionsurrey.org/streetsahead



The project awards grants of £3,500 to assist Surrey’s residents install solid wall insulation. We have had a really positive response from some of Stanwell's residents and we have a number of residents who we are currently in process of awarding funding to, including one whose installation will occur before Christmas.



Do you or a relative feel isolated ?

Look at the

page for further information.

Surrey Fire and Rescue:-
Surrey Fire and Rescue service can provide a FREE Home Fire Safety visit to advise you on potential fire risks in your home and give advice on fitting and maintaining your smoke alarms. You can request a home visit by going to the website ( on links page ) or telephoning 0800 085 0767.





We’ve teamed up with Streetlife to raise funds for Stanwell Moore Residents Association and help build a stronger community.

Streetlife is Britain’s neighbourly social network: a free and simple website that connects you with people in your area.  It’s handy for sharing practical information like crime alerts, lost pets and community events, and for exchanging skills, belongings and recommendations with locals.

Here at Stanwell Moore Residents Association we’ve found Streetlife really useful, and that’s why we’re helping to grow the online community in our area.

Over 245,000 people (including us!) already use Streetlife to keep in touch with their neighbours, and we’d love you to join in and help build a better connected community.

Joining is quick, free and easy, and if you sign up via the link below,

Click here to join your local community on Streetlife >>


We’re looking forward to seeing the online community grow!



Points of Interest.

You may find some helpful tips re Trading Standards and preventing unwanted phone calls on our Points of Interest page towards the lower half of the page.




Date of next Residents Meeting. :-


Wednesday 6th July.





Dates of meetings in 2016 :-


Wednesday 6th July.

Wednesday 7th September.

Wednesday 2nd November.








Mins of the last meeting may be found on the Meetings page under previous meetings.




Trading Standards :-

Our newsletters in Surrey Trading Standards have now been combined into one email called TS Alert that is issued approximately weekly
This includes:

  • consumer advice
  • business advice
  • scams updates
  • rogue trader alerts
  • product recalls

I hope you find the email newsletter useful - if you do please share it, talk about it, forward it, post it on a notice board etc!
If you no longer wish to receive it, there's no hard feelings. Simply email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and type ‘TS Alert stop’ in the subject line

The latest TS Alert is below this message and is also formatted in pdf so you can choose how you view it!
You can also see the latest three Alerts on our website http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/business-and-consumers/latest-news-for-business-and-consumers and if you are a fan of social media we also have Facebook and Twitter accounts!
@surreyts facebook.com/surreytradingstandards

Kind Regards and happy reading!


Information about how to join The Sealed Knot !

See Points of Interest page ....



Streetlife page information







E Mail address.


Please note that our E mail address has changed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Minutes of meetings.

The most recent minutes can be found :- Previous Meetings


Stanwell Moor Halt

For information about the Halt please see our links page where you can learn all about the old railway line which it was hoped, among other things, would attract workers to the explosives factory in Poyle. Links



Points of Interest.

On the Points of Interest page we have included two societies, that, although they are in another borough it was thought that they may be of interest to residents.


Use it or lose it !

We are very fortunate to have our own Post Office in the Village, however in order to ensure that it is not one of the many Offices that have been closed it is important that we support it.

Did you know for example that you may withdraw cash as you would from other Bank machines.




If you have any issues that concern you with regards to the Village please do contact us and we will see if it can be discussed at the next Residents meeting.




Spelthorne Walking for Health.

There was a walk organised by SWfH today, Thursday 12th April, through the Village. A group of about twenty with a leader met up in the morning for a pleasant walk on a very agreeable day. Should you wish to know more about the walks or indeed participate then go to  www.spelthorne.gov.uk/walkingforhealth or if you prefer or telephone 01784-446433.






Recognising a STROKE.

You will find on the Points of Interest page information that will help in the identification of a person having suffered a stroke. Early intervention can save lives.


Key Services - Who does What ???

You may have been in the position of wanting to speak to someone about fly tipping or litter or noise and nuisance and not been sure who to contact, Spelthorne Council or Surrey Council. By going to Points of Interest you will be able to find out which Council has responsibility.









Photo of Stanwell Moor, the Old Mill c1955, ref. S668008
Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.




Currently the Councillors both County and local are :-


Robert Evans ( Surrey County Council )


Kevin Flurry ( Spelthorne Borough Council )


Richard Barratt ( Spelthorne Borough Council )


Susan Doran ( Spelthorne Borough Council )




SMRA Committee Officers are

Mrs Kathleen Croft   Chair

Ms Olwen Dowse     Vice Chair

Mrs Vivian Pownley  Treasurer


See how Stanwell Moor is actually an island between motorway and airport

Stanwell Moor Area














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