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Welcome to SMRA
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As a resident of Stanwell Moor, SMRA welcomes you to its web-site. We hope that you will find the information here both of use and interest.We have Residents meetings every other month at 8:15pm on first Tuesday of the month and we encourage you to attend if possible. Here you will be able to meet the Committee and put your views and concerns about the village.

If you would like to support our ongoing work you are most welcome to come and join our committee, as a resident, if you have any matters you wish to raise, please use the contact form which goes to the SMRA admin also if you have any relevant photo's or articles you think might be suitable for this site please let us know.


SMRA meeting re Parking.



At the meeting held on Tuesday 7th July at which over 250 residents attended, a proposal to form a group made up of panel members and SMRA Officers was agreed.

The Panel at the meeting consisted of the following  Kevin Flurry, Sue Doran, Richard Barratt ( Local Spelthorne Councillors ) ; Robert Evans ( Surrey County Councillor ) ; Tomasz Sapinski ( Parking Services Manager ) ; Sgt Parish ( Surrey Police Spelthorne Liaison ) ; Simon Earls ( Surface Access Heathrow ) ; Cheryl Monk ( Heathrow ).

Many questions were put to the panel, as well as instances of trouble with those who parked, not just in Horton Road but in Spout Lane North and other roads in the Village. Members of the panel and other Council Officers who attended the meeting were surprised at the number of residents present, which demonstrated the grave concern that people have.


Following the meeting of the small group to look at proposals, the results of such deliberations will then be brought back to the residents at a further meeting. The date of such meeting will be advertised.



See below for the latest on the Bus Services as of 2nd June 2015.


Proposed Bus changes 557.

The consultation paper with regard to the proposed changes affecting the 557 are available in the Post Office.

The removal of the 557 would mean that we would only have a restricted service provided by the 591.

The Residents Association has been in contact our Surrey County Councillor Robert Evans, herewith the e-mail sent :-

We the residents association are most concerned about the axing of the 557 bus in Stanwell Moor Village.  Whilst we would still fight for a re-introduction of the 441 (which we understand is a commercial venture) the axing of the 557 is, we believe the thin edge of the wedge.  The next news we will hear is that there will be NO bus service in the Village.

We have spoken to Paul Millin at Surrey CC this am and clarified the situation, in August the 441 will continue to stop in Stanwell Moor Road.  Thus we are still in a position that the only main bus service for the Village is the 441 which has to be got from Stanwell Moor Road and the current dangers of crossing the duel carriageway.

The 591 Carlone Bus does run in the Village from 9:30, however the last bus is 2:30 in the afternoon.

We would again seek your help in this matter, which now has added urgency, given the proposed end of the 557.


Is there any news about the crossing over Stanwell Moor Road ?





Dear Kathleen,

Thank you for your email.
These are proposed changes and you and all the residents have the opportunity to have your say about these proposals between now and the 8th June.
Please contact surreycc.gov.uk/transportreview to put your comments to the officer team.
These comments will then be taken into consideration before any final decision is made and changes to the proposals can be made if viable alternatives are suggested.
Also you can call 0300 200 1003 for further information.
I hope this helps.
Best regards

Richard Walsh
Chairman Surrey Local Committee for Spelthorne
Surrey County Councillor
Laleham & Shepperton


Herewith the latest information regarding the Bus Service for the Moor :-

Monday 1st June 2015 e-mail from Robert Evans the County Councillor for Stanwell Moor

Thanks everyone for taking an interest in this matter.

Surrey County have conducted a 'review' of bus services in the County and have now made 'proposals' for cuts.
One of which is the removal of the northern leg of the 557, which removes the last bus services from the Moor.

I have raised the matter in Full Council, last week, as an area of urgency. I received an assurance from the Cabinet member Responsible, Mike Goodman, that he will come and visit very soon to see for himself. I have asked that the Relevant Departmental Officer comes too and this has been agreed.
We are just finalising a date.

In the meantime, the villagers are 'up in arms' about this and we have a petition going which has already achieved signatures of half the residents of Stanwell Moor - no mean feat.

This will be presented to Cllr Goodman and will hopefully, show him the strength of feeling in the area.

Meanwhile Nigel Milton ( Head of External Affairs Heathrow ) has informed us that :-


"I have spoken to colleagues who tell me that Surrey CC cancelled the service without consultation with us. We are meeting with Surrey CC shortly and intend to explore options with them.

I will update you after that meeting.


Roberto Tambini  Chief Executive of Spelthorne Borough Council is also supporting the Residents in the fight to keep our Bus Service.



See below for list of elected Councillors.





Use it or lose it !

We are very fortunate to have our own Post Office in the Village, however in order to ensure that it is not one of the many Offices that have been closed it is important that we support it.

Did you know for example that you may withdraw cash as you would from other Bank machines.




Leisure Centre Petition


Vicki Kapoor has written :-

I have put a Petition together For A Much Needed Leisure Centre Within Stanwell  a Paper Version and Online , I am awaiting the Online Link From Spelthorne Council in which once receive I will forward to you all to sign. The Paper Version I will  leave in various local shops, schools. Doctor Surgery ect.. for all to sign to give all an opportunity to sign the petition who do not have Internet access

To ask Spelthorne council to provide a much needed  Leisure centre in  Stanwell

The leisure centre will be the hub for activity within the local community   and will offer a wide range of facilities for the young and old  from a gym, swimming pool, dance and exercise classes crèche facilities to Indoor and outdoor activities  such as football and athletics to social  evenings for all ages and holiday activities for children helping working parents during school term time , this will encourage   the community of all ages to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle and this will also bring the community together and lead to social interaction  within the community . with current lifestyles the leisure centre will also give an opportunity for families to participate together  in having family time and a  work- life balance and for all  to learn lifelong skills such as swimming

Stanwell desperately needs a leisure centre as more housing more people but lacks facilities , The current leisure centres in Spelthorne are not feasible and not accessible and a  leisure is desperately needed in Stanwell.

Please sign the petition form below :-








Film Club at Englefield Green :-


If you wish to find out more about the above see : - https://screeninthegreen.wordpress.com/



Action Surrey :-


Action Surrey, works in partnership and is partly funded by all of Surrey’s local authorities including Spelthorne Borough Council. We are Surrey’s free, impartial energy advice service and provide support to Surrey’s residents on everything energy related from insulation, to renewable technology. Recently we are delighted to have been awarded £2.5million from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) for a new project, Streets Ahead. Please do have a look at our website www.actionsurrey.org/streetsahead



The project awards grants of £3,500 to assist Surrey’s residents install solid wall insulation. We have had a really positive response from some of Stanwell's residents and we have a number of residents who we are currently in process of awarding funding to, including one whose installation will occur before Christmas.




Latest on 441 Bus :-


Here is the response from David McNulty, Chief Executive of Surrey County Council, to Kath Baker Vice Chair of the Residents Association who has  followed the situation from the outset.

As promised, I would like to update you with some information I have received from the Bus Service Planning team.

The removal of bus service 441 from Stanwell Moor village was a commercial decision taken by Abellio, as the service is not operated under contract to the County Council. National legislation allows bus companies to make such decisions, including the timing and nature of advance notification to their customers.

Sadly, in the current financial climate, and with a review of bus service support underway, we do not have the significant year on year funding available to pay Abellio for an extra bus to be put back on the service, nor an additional replacement beyond what has already been introduced.

We recognise the current 557 service does not provide the same access to Staines as the 441, however the changes to 557 were made in April without additional cost to the public purse. Importantly, it allowed the retention of a link from Stanwell Moor village to a Heathrow Airport access point.

I believe you have seen an email from Paul Millin (Group Manager, Travel & Transport) to Gill Hobbs regarding the Council's investigation into options for pedestrian crossing facilities and bus stop improvements on or near the A3044 road. Further consideration is being given to this and therefore it may well come before the Spelthorne Local Committee for decision in the near future.

Best wishes,

David McNulty
Chief Executive
Surrey County Council


441 Bus Route :-


There is a problem with the present "stop" for the 441 along Stanwell Moor Road, safety etc and this has been raised by the Residents Association with Spelthorne and Surrey County Council. The following letter is in relation to the matter :-


In relation to the request of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to see what improvements can be made to help residents of Stanwell Moor access the two bus stops to use service 441 and in particular, how can we help residents cross the road at this location, I am pleased to provide the following summary. Please can you share this with the Committee.

The A3044 Stanwell Moor Road between the junction with Park Road and The Southern Perimeter Road is a four lane dual carriageway with a 50 mph speed limit. There is an average daily traffic flow of approximately 10,000 vehicles in each direction.  The mean speeds are approximately 44 mph and the 85th percentile speeds is 51 mph, meaning that the road does not have an excessive speeding problem.

However this stretch could benefit from additional 50 mph repeater signs to make the existing speed limit clearer and enforceable.

In recent years there have been a number of collisions associated with the traffic signal junction with Park Road, which is typical for a junction of this type. On the stretch north of the Park Road junction and the junction with Horton Road (West), there have been just two collisions in the last five years - one in 2009 involved a light goods vehicle exiting Horton Road (East) into the path of a southbound motorcyclist resulting in slight injury. Another in 2011 involved a shunt between two cars on the exit of Horton Road (West), resulting in slight injury. Therefore the stretch north of the junction with Park Road does not have a very large collision history.

Two main options have been suggested to improve pedestrian access to the bus stops from Stanwell Moor.

  • Upgrade the junction of the A3044 Stanwell Moor Road with Park Road to include pedestrian facilities. This would also require the provision of a new footway on the eastern side of the road where there is currently a grass verge to allow pedestrians to walk to the south bound bus stop from the traffic signal junction. The main disadvantage with this option is that this would require pedestrians to walk a long distance (150m) to the south from Stanwell Moor (from Horton Road), to get to the traffic signal junction, and then to walk another 100m north to get to the south bound bus stop. Consequently some pedestrians may be tempted to ignore the signalised crossing facilities and simply cross the dual carriageway in the vicinity of the bus stop instead.
  • Reduce the northbound lanes from two to one (the northbound offside lane in the immediate vicinity of the Park Road junction is redundant anyway because there is a right turn only lane into Park Road). In reducing the northbound lanes from two to one (with hatching initially), this would create room for a wider central reserve to the north of the bus stops to provide a central staggered uncontrolled crossing for pedestrians. This would have the advantage of being closer to the pedestrian desire line. There would be one northbound lane and two southbound lanes for pedestrians to cross. The footway in the vicinity of the south bound bus stop would need to be extended to the crossing point behind any stationary buses.

The cost of implementing either option is likely to up to £100,000.

Looking at the option to upgrade the A3044 traffic signals to include a pedestrian phase, we have also considered adding an additional (or replacement) bus stop on Park Road (north side). There already is a footway here and an initial desktop study indicates some merit of further investigation. This would negate the need and cost of the additional footway construction and carriageway narrowing.

The proposal for the northbound stop could be reviewed in light of the above.

My colleagues in the Projects Team, Bus Planning Team and Road Safety Team are now looking at this option in more detail, in consultation with the Area Highways Manager. Their work will include an assessment of the costs and benefits of an improvement, along with bus patronage prior to any decision being taken on the relative priority of the scheme and how it might be taken forward.

I will of course keep the Committee informed of progress.

Paul Millin
Group Manager, Travel and Transport



Do you or a relative feel isolated ?

Look at the

page for further information.

Surrey Fire and Rescue:-
Surrey Fire and Rescue service can provide a FREE Home Fire Safety visit to advise you on potential fire risks in your home and give advice on fitting and maintaining your smoke alarms. You can request a home visit by going to the website ( on links page ) or telephoning 0800 085 0767.





We’ve teamed up with Streetlife to raise funds for Stanwell Moore Residents Association and help build a stronger community.

Streetlife is Britain’s neighbourly social network: a free and simple website that connects you with people in your area.  It’s handy for sharing practical information like crime alerts, lost pets and community events, and for exchanging skills, belongings and recommendations with locals.

Here at Stanwell Moore Residents Association we’ve found Streetlife really useful, and that’s why we’re helping to grow the online community in our area.

Over 245,000 people (including us!) already use Streetlife to keep in touch with their neighbours, and we’d love you to join in and help build a better connected community.

Joining is quick, free and easy, and if you sign up via the link below,

Click here to join your local community on Streetlife >>


We’re looking forward to seeing the online community grow!



Points of Interest.

You may find some helpful tips re Trading Standards and preventing unwanted phone calls on our Points of Interest page towards the lower half of the page.




Date of next Residents Meeting. :-

Tuesday 7th July 2015.


Dates of meetings in 2015 :-



Tuesday  7th July.

Tuesday  1st September.

Tuesday  3rd November.

Mins of the last meeting may be found on the Meetings page under previous meetings.



See below for news of the 441 bus service.

Members of Stanwell Moor Residents Association attended a Council meeting at Spelthorne who had called the bus company to explain their decision to end the 441 route through the Village. This is a short report of the meeting :-

The Cllrs who spoke in our support were Cllrs  Bushnell, Grant, Saliagopoulos  and Cllr Taylor all saying how disgraceful it was that the 441 was removed from the Village, without any consultation, (and replaced with the 557 which is no good), the dangers in crossing the dual carriageway, especially for children and the elderly, no bus shelter or crossing, not going past Docs, or getting children to/from school.  The representative from Abellio was Alistair Willis, Paul Millin and Laurie James from Surrey County Council and County Councillor Mike Goodman. SCC have funded the 591 to run for a short time in the afternoons here Mon-Fri.  We will have to wait for any results from this meeting which was SBC’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee, their Chairman is Cllr Broom, as SCC were going away to discuss all the points made.  Maybe at the end of the day we will get a better bus service who knows at this stage, if we do not then it is not for the lack of trying.  Cllr Bushnell even asked for a shuttle bus to assist, but not a lot of response came for that from SCC.  SCC subsidise buses to the tune of £3.35 million.



Trading Standards :-

Our newsletters in Surrey Trading Standards have now been combined into one email called TS Alert that is issued approximately weekly
This includes:

  • consumer advice
  • business advice
  • scams updates
  • rogue trader alerts
  • product recalls

I hope you find the email newsletter useful - if you do please share it, talk about it, forward it, post it on a notice board etc!
If you no longer wish to receive it, there's no hard feelings. Simply email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and type ‘TS Alert stop’ in the subject line

The latest TS Alert is below this message and is also formatted in pdf so you can choose how you view it!
You can also see the latest three Alerts on our website http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/business-and-consumers/latest-news-for-business-and-consumers and if you are a fan of social media we also have Facebook and Twitter accounts!
@surreyts facebook.com/surreytradingstandards

Kind Regards and happy reading!


Information about how to join The Sealed Knot !

See Points of Interest page ....



Streetlife page information







E Mail address.


Please note that our E mail address has changed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


SMRA Meetings.




Minutes of meetings.

The most recent minutes can be found :- Previous Meetings


Stanwell Moor Halt

For information about the Halt please see our links page where you can learn all about the old railway line which it was hoped, among other things, would attract workers to the explosives factory in Poyle. Links



Points of Interest.

On the Points of Interest page we have included two societies, that, although they are in another borough it was thought that they may be of interest to residents.


Use it or lose it !

We are very fortunate to have our own Post Office in the Village, however in order to ensure that it is not one of the many Offices that have been closed it is important that we support it.

Did you know for example that you may withdraw cash as you would from other Bank machines.




If you have any issues that concern you with regards to the Village please do contact us and we will see if it can be discussed at the next Residents meeting.




Spelthorne Walking for Health.

There was a walk organised by SWfH today, Thursday 12th April, through the Village. A group of about twenty with a leader met up in the morning for a pleasant walk on a very agreeable day. Should you wish to know more about the walks or indeed participate then go to  www.spelthorne.gov.uk/walkingforhealth or if you prefer or telephone 01784-446433.






Recognising a STROKE.

You will find on the Points of Interest page information that will help in the identification of a person having suffered a stroke. Early intervention can save lives.


Key Services - Who does What ???

You may have been in the position of wanting to speak to someone about fly tipping or litter or noise and nuisance and not been sure who to contact, Spelthorne Council or Surrey Council. By going to Points of Interest you will be able to find out which Council has responsibility.









Photo of Stanwell Moor, the Old Mill c1955, ref. S668008
Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.




Currently the Councillors both County and local are :-


Robert Evans ( Surrey County Council )


Kevin Flurry ( Spelthorne Borough Council )


Richard Barratt ( Spelthorne Borough Council )


Susan Doran ( Spelthorne Borough Council )




SMRA Committee Officers are

Mrs Kathleen Croft Chair

Mrs Kath Baker Vice Chair

Mrs Vivian PownleyTreasurer


See how Stanwell Moor is actually an island between motorway and airport

Stanwell Moor Area














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